Va'lana Rackus

Twi'lek mechanic


Young, red skinned Twi’lek girl. Posing as a male pirate and bodyguard to the infamous Black Skull.


Prata’ri’ and his sister Va’lana were best known for their mechanic work in the swoop racing rings around the galaxy. They soon got caught up in a crime syndicate, though, and Va’alana and her mother were sold into slavery to a prominent Hutt. After being passed around the slave market, Va’lana soon landed in the possession of an Imperial Moff, Dub Riker.

After repeated escape attempts, Moff Riker turned to violence and manipulation to control his prized slave. During a pirate raid on Riker’s outpost, however, Va’lana was able to kill and assume the identity of one of the raiders. She switched ID collars with one of her deceased slave friends to mask her escape. Posing as a male, she was able to work her way up the totem pole to become one of the elite bodyguards of Black Skull, the pirate leader. She never lost sight of her goal, however: to hunt and kill Moff Riker.

Prata’ri began searching for his sister, which led him to Ord Radama. The Imperial bureaucracy falsely believed she died during the pirate raid. Prata’ri sought out to get his revenge on Riker when he was reunited with his sister during a chance meeting upon her aboard the pirate frigate, Skivvy’s Revenge. They are currently plotting to bring justice to Moff Riker on Zoeterra.

Va'lana Rackus

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