Jonah Starburn



Born to a prominent family on Corsa VI as a citizen of the Empire, Jonah broke away from the monotony of Imperial style and opts for the roguish attire of the outer rim.


As a smuggler, Jonah sold weapons to Gover Dendra on Drall. She was charmed by his leadership and they began a relationship that thrived on fueling the FireFly uprising. After Gover’s death, she approached Bradrus with a business opportunity involving an old family heirloom back on her home planet of Corsa VI.

After teaming up with Bradrus and Rackus, Jonah flew into an ongoing battle between her brother, Herin Starburn and one of her old lovers, Aurek Damien from a rival family. During a tense moment aboard the Damien flagship, the Astral Song, Bradrus learned that Jonah Starburn may not be the person she says she is.

Jonah Starburn

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