Freelan Hale

Corellian Smuggler


Freelan Hale is a smuggler and captain of the Free Agent, a YT-1000 Light Freighter.


Freelan Hale loves two things: smuggling and sabacc. He is often found on Nar Shaddaa, engaging in at least one of those two activities. After losing nearly all his credits in a series of unlucky hands, Freelan met and befriended Chico in the Orange Lady cantina, then later helped him fight off a pair of disgruntled racers.

Having few credits and in need of a repaired hyperdrive, Freelan offered Chico his contract smuggling goods to Formos in exchange for a favor, to be determined later. Chico pulled off the job, Freelan got his money, and his ship, the Free Agent, got a new hyperdrive. Now he owes Chico one.

Freelan Hale

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