Jedi In Exile


Elaiza is a Jedi in hiding on Nar Shaddaa.


To many, Elaiza is seen as either a batty old woman, reclusive royalty, a secretive mastermind from a crime syndicate, or simply another refugee living among the poor. In truth, Elaiza is none of these things but something altogether rarer and stranger. She is one of the last Jedi, long in hiding from the Empire’s purge in the teeming crowds on her homeworld of Nar Shaddaa.

Elaiza owes her continued survival to her obscurity more than any other factor. As a young Jedi, she went on a meditative retreat during the Clone Wars to recover from the horrors of war. Before she was ready to return, the Empire had annihilated the Jedi Order, and Elaiza decided to flee to her childhood home on the Smuggler’s Moon, where she could blend in seamlessly with the millions of souls dwelling in its tenements and on its streets.

When her lightsaber began to fail, she sought a new crystal to repair it, and that led her to learn of the famed Jewel of Yavin being auctioned on Bespin. Elaiza made her way to Cloud City with the intention of stealing the gem for herself, but she was beaten to it by the crew of the Money Shot. Fortunately, she was able to cut a deal with Chico, and they provided her with the gem as well as safe passage back to Nar Shaddaa. She has since repaired her lightsaber, and also given Chico a basic explanation of the Force, though he hasn’t paid much mind to her instruction.


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