Brando The Hutt

Hutt Crime Lord


Brando is a mid-level crime lord for the Kajidier clan on Nal Hutta.


Brando is the Hutt boss who originally hired Prata’ri Rackus and his friends to stop his top bounty hunter, Kodo Lorn, from taking a job on Tatooine. When he discovered that they had deceived him and allowed Kodo to escape unharmed, he sought revenge by making Rackus his invitee to the Granee Noopa.

Surprisingly, Rackus, Chico, and R4-W9 not only survived the Granee Noopa, they won it, which in turn elevated Brando to a much higher status within his kajidic. As a result, he forgave their earlier transgression and awarded Rackus with an Ardos Disk, recognizing him as a highly-favored associate. He also provided information to help Rackus find his mother.

Brando The Hutt

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